Carbon: Wearable Solar Cell Phone Charging Device

Carbon solar cell phone charging deviceAt ChargeMethod, we offer a multitude of great cell phone charging devices. But although many are small and portable, they still must be carried in a pocket or purse. What if you had a wearable device that collected solar energy, and provided an extra 3 hours of talk time with a single charge?

Carbon is a high-tech device that is worn like a watch and enables the user to charge most mobile devices on the go. It comes in multiple colors, and the strap is easily replaced with off-the-shelf models for customization. Carbon features a button on the side that activates charging, flashes a display showing the level of charge completed, and a multicolor LED that shows charging status and also doubles as a small flashlight. To protect against dust and debris, there’s a screw cap over the charging port.

Carbon offers a model to anyone who makes a $90 pledge on their Kickstarter campaign, and plans to begin shipping at the end of the summer.

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