Charging Solutions for Tech Industry Events

Tech industry events of every size have one common need- the need to stay charged. This goes double for events that hinge upon constant device usage, such as gaming and mobile industry conferences or hackathons. Obviously you want to provide your attendees with the ability to easily charge their mobile devices, but why stop there? Let your attendees know you’ve got their back by providing mobile charging stations and portable power banks customized with your branding!

Our charging stations and power boxes allow you to charge any device via USB or grounded, 3-prong outlets. For codefests or trade shows, this would allow your attendees to charge their laptops and mobile devices in the same place. Well-placed power boxes such as our PowerMethod B or SC can be incorporated directly where your attendees will be working or congregating for the majority of their time. This way, the action doesn’t have to stop when their battery runs low. Additionally, our PowerMethod S or T can be placed in strategic areas such as the edges of the main work areas, or places where people will be congregating.

When hosting a hackathon, providing power for laptops is of the utmost priority, but many event organizers don’t consider the benefit of adding additional mobile device chargers. Adding a customized table with charging capabilities such as our InBox Table can power up to 32 mobile devices at one time while providing a common area to sit and relax. Instead of finding a place to congregate on their own, your attendees will be drawn to a common area of your choosing, boosting opportunities to talk and network.

Alternatively, our custom portable power banks give your attendees the ability to charge without keeping their device in one place, freeing them up to move around your event. With our custom branding options, our portable power banks can be a nice keepsake for any type of event. Even after your event has ended, your attendees will be reminded of your organization every time they need to charge!

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