A Coat That Will Charge A Cell Phone

A company called Motiif is currently developing a trench coat with wireless charging capabilities. Would you buy one – and feel safe wearing it? Wireless charging is still in its infancy, so companies are still trying to master the technology.

Motiif suggests that theirs will not be a bulky coat because their wireless charging technology is slim – simply place your cell phone in the special charging pocket and connect it to the iPhone or Galaxy charging cable. The coat has enough battery to charge a cell phone three times – and to recharge the coat, just hang it near its wireless charging pad. The waterproof coats, called, “M,” also offer Wi-Fi for 6-8 hours on a single charge (and for $14/GB).

The coat recently completed testing and is set to ship in Spring 2014 – so for now, you’ll have to stick with a cell phone charging station or pad. View our products here to find a cell phone charging station to suit your needs.

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