Daily Habits That Ruin Cell Phone Batteries

There are plenty of obvious ways to damage your phone such as dropping it or submerging it underwater, but did you know that some of your everyday habits could ruin your phone as well? Check out the most common habits that have the potential to hinder your phone’s battery life and overall performance.

Unnecessary Charging
Many of us have the habit of plugging our phones in every night before bed or whenever our battery dips below 50%. This may be out of sheer convenience or because people may assume that their phone works best when fully charged. Studies show that lithium ion batteries last the longest when operating between 30% and 80%, so don’t feel compelled to grab the charger unless your battery is less than 30% charged. It’s important to note that many newer phones have mechanisms built in to stop the battery from receiving charging current after it reaches 100% capacity, but reducing the number of times your battery is charged overall is a great way to reduce battery wear and tear.

Using a Mixed Bag of Chargers
Many consumers have a multitude of chargers, including one in the car, one for the office, and even multiple chargers at home, but they’re typically not the same as the charger that came with their phone (or even the same brand). If you aren’t using the charger that originally came with your phone, you may be doing harm to your battery. Each model of smartphone has specific electrical requirements, and only the charger that came with the phone is specifically designed to deliver the exact balance of voltage and amperage each phone needs.

Maximum Screen Brightness
As obvious as this sounds, your phone battery is responsible for powering every aspect of your phone. If the brightness of your phone screen is set to 100%, you’re essentially wasting power that could be used for other system functions. Turning your brightness down to 50% or more can save significantly on battery life and, in return, help you charge your phone less. Many smartphones even have an “auto-brightness” setting that can adjust the brightness of your screen depending on the level of ambient light around you, which means you won’t have to sacrifice being able to see your phone screen in direct sunlight for battery efficiency.

Fun In The Sun
Speaking of sunlight, leaving your phone in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time can be disastrous for your phone. Not only are touchscreens sensitive to light, touch, and temperature, but lithium ion batteries can catch fire or explode when exposed to high temperatures for too long of a stretch.

Questionable Apps
If you don’t know the developer of an app, are unsure of an app, or just generally don’t want to waste phone storage, then don’t download questionable 3rd party apps. These apps can do anything from slowing your overall phone performance to installing malicious viruses, worms, spyware, or adware. In addition, the more apps you have running in the background simultaneously, the faster your battery will be drained. In essence, your phone is nothing more than a small, pocket-sized computer, so treat it as such and don’t download questionable software!

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