Innovative & Eco Friendly Mobile Chargers

We  know there’s no shortage of charging options out there. We’ve scoured the web and have compiled some of the most interesting, innovative, and eco-friendly phone chargers we’ve found. While they may not be very good for promoting brand awareness or generating foot traffic, these chargers will get the job done without making a large impact on the environment (and as we all know, it ain’t easy being green).

Bike Powered Charging
If you rely on pedal-power, there are plenty of charging devices that generate their power from your bike. The Tigra Sport BikeCharge Dyanmo is a great, easy to install solution that fits 95% of bike models out there. If you’re looking for other options, there are plenty of dynamo hubs you can install on your bike, all of which can connect to an external USB battery pack.

Solar Charging
From the high-capacity SunVolt charger to the beautiful yet fully functional Electree, there are plenty of charging options out there that harness the power of the sun. The aesthetically pleasing Solar Sunflower or sleek is perfect for a sunny windowsill. If you’re looking for something more rugged or portable, give the SolarMonkey a try.

Fuel Cells
If chemistry was your favorite class in high school, you’ll be excited about these mobile charging options that use fuel cells to generate their power. Fuel cells work by harnessing the energy created by a chemical reaction within the device.   Depending on the model, a bit of water (and possibly some salt) is all you need to bring a dead battery back to life! The PowerTrekk or Jaq are both great ways to recharge with limited resources. The only downside? You’ll need the compatible charging cards or pucks for the devices to work because they contain the chemicals needed for the reaction.

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