Charge Method offers a multiple cell phone charging station for every charging need

We were inspired by the idea of a multiple cell phone charging station that would be stylish, high quality, and efficient – our cell phone charging boxes deliver the fastest possible charge safely and efficiently. Plus, they are fully customizable – our art team will help you design a shrink wrap for your customized cell phone charging station.

Where can you find our Multiple Cell Phone Charging Stations?

Households and businesses alike already make use of our cost-effective multiple cell phone charging stations.

Charge at home: Whether your household is 2 or 12, chances are you have to keep track of multiple charging cords for multiple devices. Using a multiple cell phone charging station will save time, space, and frustration – not to mention our cell phone charging boxes are the fastest and safest on the market.

Charge for your customers: It’s no secret that smartphone batteries won’t last all day- but often, consumers want to spend the whole day out and about. Offering a cell phone charging station at a mall, amusement park, bar, or lounge is a great way to keep customers browsing as they let their devices recharge. And at locations like transportation venues and hospitals where people spend a lot of time waiting, you can provide a valuable service that your customers will surely remember.

Restaurants, Bistros, Bars, Pubs

Place a cell phone charging station at each table and give your customers a reason to stay for dessert – our sleek cell phone charging boxes are sure to make a lasting impression on all your guests.


Cafes, Lounges, and Lunchrooms

Free WiFi is no longer a commodity – now, customers are searching for hard-to-find outlets to recharge their mobile devices as they recharge with a coffee or snack. Offer a cell phone charging station for your customers’ convenience, and you’ll be front-of-mind next time they are out and about.

Hotels, Hostels, Inns, Spas

Cell phone chargers are among the most commonly forgotten items for travelers. A multiple charging station near reception or cell phone charging boxes in rooms and suites will be a welcome relief for your guests.

Casinos, Resorts, Amusement Parks

Customers plan to spend the whole day or night enjoying your amenities- but their stay can be cut short by the need to charge their mobile devices. Enable them to stay by offering a conveniently located cell phone charging station. We can custom-wrap your cell phone charging box to perfectly match your décor.

Colleges, Universities, Academies

Students don’t always have time to stop back in their room to recharge their cell phones – any campus is full of students leaning up against walls and crouching in corners as their mobile devices charge. Placing cell phone charging kiosks around campus will reduce student stress- and show prospective students how forward-thinking and cutting edge your school is.

Trade Shows, Expos, Conferences, and Conventions

Our cell phone charging stations are guaranteed to increase foot traffic and keep potential clients around your booth. Visitors charge their cell phones while you keep their attention – and since you are offering a valuable service, potential customers are sure to remember your business as innovative and courteous.

Hospitals, Clinics, Emergency Rooms

The Red Cross includes cell phone chargers in disaster recovery efforts, and for a good reason – Cell phone charging stations make it easy to contact friends and family who are anxious for news during emergencies or medical procedures.


Our products are inspired by our customers- you! All of our cell phone charging stations are custom-designed based on consumer feedback – so if there’s something you need that you don’t see, let us know and we’d be happy to build you a fully customized solution. For example:

  • Our customized headrest units were designed for Uber
  • Our InBox cell phone charging table was designed for Bonnaroo
  • Our PowerMethod B was created for an anonymous client who wanted to provide outlets as well as USB charging options in one safe, efficient, surge-protected unit

Stay in touch.

Charge Method has a number of cell phone charging products you can use on the go to stay charged up!

Fast, Safe Cell Phone Charging

Faster isn’t always better- sometimes, fast cell phone chargers can damage your mobile device. But our industry-leading technology will power you up as quickly – and safely – as possible.

Customized Charging Stations

Our sleek cell phone charging stations can be skinned with any artwork you like – our design team will help you design the perfect custom cell phone charging station.

Charges 100% of Mobile Devices

Most of our mobile device charging stations come with open USB ports, allowing you to plug in any charging cable you need while benefiting from the fastest, safest charge on the market.