PowerMethod B


PowerMethod Basic single unit without cords. Equipped with 4 outlet surges and 5 open USB ports that charge at 1-2.4 amps. Custom branding optional.

Custom Branding

Product Description

This cell phone charging is customizable in every way – you choose everything from the cords you’d like to an optional branded skin. The PowerMethod Basic single unit is our base model – you benefit from our cutting-edge safe, efficient, and fast cell phone charging technology in a small package. This cell phone charging box includes 4 outlet surges and 5 open USB ports which charge at 1 – 2.4 amps, making it compatible with 100% of mobile devices as well as any laptop, camera, or device with a standard 3-prong plug. USB charging cords are sold separately, or use your own. If you would like a custom branded cell phone charging box, our art team can help you design a skin.

Depth 8″
Width 4″
Height 1.5″
Weight 2.5 lbs
Charging Tips 0
Open USB Ports 5
3-Prong Outlets 4


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