PowerMethod S


PowerMethod S is a freestanding model fixed with two charging boxes. Equipped with 8 outlet surges and 10 open USB ports that charge from 1 to 2.4 amps. Charging cords and custom branding optional.

Custom Branding

Charging Cables *

Product Description

The PowerMethod S is a freestanding cell phone charging kiosk equipped with two cell phone charging boxes for a total of 10 open USB ports charging 1 – 2.4 amps and 8 outlet surges. Like the PowerMethod B, this station is customizable to your exact needs: you can leave the USB ports open for users to bring their own cords, or you can purchase cords and provide them for their convenience. The 8 outlets will charge any device with a standard US 2- or 3-prong plug.

Depth 16″
Width 16″
Height 45″
Weight 22 lbs
Charging Tips 0, 5 or 10
Open USB Ports 0, 5 or 10
3-Prong Outlets 8

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  1. ChargeMethod

    Such a cute charging unit!

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