How to Protect Yourself and Your Patrons from Juice Jacking

Providing a charging station meets the much needed demand for readily available charging. As charging stations become more and more prevalent, many consumers are wary of public chargers and don’t believe they’re 100% safe or reliable. Unfortunately, these thoughts are not totally unfounded.

Similarities in cell phone hardware and software designs have led to the act of “juice jacking”, where unauthorized parties gain access to a phone while it’s plugged in. Juice jacking is made possible because most smartphone charging cables also act as a data cable, allowing the phone to pair with any device it’s connected to and transfer information back and forth. This may be convenient for the consumer, but it’s much more convenient for anyone that wants to access your phone data or add malicious code onto your device.

So, as a cell phone user, how can you protect yourself from juice jacking?

Lock your phone
The easiest way to protect yourself is to lock your phone with a PIN or password. When your phone is locked, it will not be able to pair with any device it’s connected to. Chances are you already have a PIN or password set up, but you’ll want to make sure the phone is locked BEFORE plugging it into any charging station to ensure your safety.

Turn it off
While this can vary from phone to phone, turning the phone off may prevent data thieves from accessing the phone’s flash storage. Still, some phone models allow access to the entire USB circuit even when powered down, so you’ll want to still have a password or PIN set up to act as a second line of defense.

As a consumer, it’s important to protect yourself from unauthorized parties accessing your phone. As a provider of a charging station, it’s just as important for the users of your charging station walk away happy, fully charged, and without the worry that their personal phone data has been compromised.

InCharged offers a custom, secure locker charging solution that utilizes a number of different self-service access methods. You can secure your locker via a credit card, loyalty card, or RFID. Our charging lockers are built with aluminum chambers to keep phones secure and prevent theft, so there’s no worry about losing a phone or having it stolen. The best part? InCharged doesn’t access any data on the phone, nor does it keep credit card information, so you can rest assured that your phone and your data is in good hands.


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