Staying Charged During Winter Storms

Depending on where you are, winter storm Jonas may have wreaked havoc on your area this weekend – although most of us are unlikely to experience another storm of this magnitude again this year, it’s important to stay prepared. Heavy snowfall and icy conditions mean hazardous roads and even power outages. Gathering all of the supplies you need to hunker down for storm is important, but have you thought about your biggest lifeline – your cell phone?

Keeping your phone charged is critical when preparing for a storm. Having a charged phone can provide you with a vital means of communication in case of an emergency, but can also help you keep tabs on family and friends (as well as the weather).

Before conditions get bad in your area, make sure to keep your phone fully charged. You may also want to charge any additional mobile devices you have such as mp3 players, tablets, e-readers, and laptops. In the event of a prolonged power outage, your laptop can even act as a secondary battery for your phone.

If you end up without power, try to conserve battery life as much as possible. Try to spend as little time as possible using your phone, and stay away from using any apps that use a significant amount of battery (this would be a good time to use all of those other devices you charged). Your phone may also have a power save mode, so consider switching it on if your battery tends to drain quickly. If you want a full list of battery saving options, check out this post on how to conserve battery life.

If you’re in the thick of it and preparing for the worst, you may want to consider purchasing external power banks and car chargers for a backup supply. This way, you’ll be sure to stay connected and will always have a lifeline in case of an emergency.

From all of us at ChargeMethod, please stay warm and safe!

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