Top 8 Tips for Fast Cell Phone Charging

Our fast cell phone charging stations offer the fastest and most efficient charge on the market – but there are ways to make your cell phone charge even faster no matter where it is plugged in. Here are some great tips to charge your cell phone quickly:

  1. Keep your phone plugged into an actual outlet instead of a USB port.  A USB port delivers less energy than an actual wall outlet – it is great for charging your cell phone while it’s synced with your computer, but for an actual charge it’s not the fastest option.
  2. Make sure applications are closed while you are charging your phone.  For an Android you can simply use an App Killer, but for an iPhone you must close apps manually. On iOS 6, simply press the home button twice quickly – all open applications will shrink into a miniature window preview – just swipe each one up to close it.
  3. Make sure your phone is out of the extreme heat or extreme cold. If you leave your phone on a table in direct sunlight, it will charge more slowly. Room temperature is the best environment to charge your phone.
  4. Do not use your phone while it is charging. If you are using the phone, power that could be going straight to the battery is instead being used immediately.
  5. Turn your phone off put it in Airplane mode while charging. If your phone is not constantly connected to a cellular network, it uses less energy.
  6. Turn off WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, or other infrared capabilities. If you need to stay connected via text and voice, you can still turn off extra signals to speed up charging.
  7. If you are using an Android, turn off your Live Wallpaper.  Live wallpapers drain your smartphone’s battery, so it will take longer to recharge.

Lastly, if you see a cell phone charging station while you are out and about, go ahead and charge!  Giving your phone some extra juice during the day will not hurt it – it is actually best for smartphone batteries to run between 40-80% capacity. Your phone’s battery will last longer and you will be happier!

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