Top Applications Draining Your Cell Phone Battery

All applications take a toll on your cell phone battery, but some are worse than others. Applications that offer high functionality, use location services, or serve advertisements are usually high on the list of battery-draining applications. Mashable compiled the below list, and Verizon also offers a continuously updated list of “high risk” apps.

Carat: Battery saving applications can help you track your battery usage, but if they use location services they can be a big drain.

Facebook: This one can be a huge battery and data suck because it refreshes even when you’re not using it.

Maps: Any application that continually uses GPS capabilities will drain your battery and eat up data due to constant communication with satellites.

Camera: The camera application itself doesn’t take too much power, but if you have geolocation tagging enabled and are taking a lot of photos, it can add up.

Weather: Weather applications are also constantly refreshing whenever you move around or the weather changes.

Skype: Skype also constantly refreshes in the background, draining battery life.

Twitter: Twitter is another application that refreshes even when you are not using the application.

Square Wallet: Square uses geo-fencing for its location-based restaurant recommendations, which is a convenient technology but drains your battery.

Angry Birds: Games usually suck battery life: the high-tech ones with fancy graphics take a lot of energy, but the free versions with pop-up advertising can also use more power than you’d expect.

And lastly, here’s Verizon’s additional list of the most “high risk” applications for Android – all of which are games. Don’t forget, although technology has led to higher capacity batteries, our increased use of smartphones also means they are drained faster. The best option is to make sure you have a charger handy, or an auxiliary battery – check out our options!

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