Unlockd Brings Ads To Your Phone But Savings To Your Wallet

If you’re looking for an innovative way to save money on your phone bill and don’t mind putting up with a few pesky ads, Australian Based startup Unlockd may have a solution for you.

Back in January, Unlockd launched an ad-funded platform for Boost Mobile customers via a partnership with Sprint. This partnership offered Boost Mobile users a $5 credit on their monthly bill in exchange for opting to view full-screen ads whenever the user unlocked their phone.

This Android app, known as Boost Dealz, included geo-targeted ads, discounts, and other special promotions which are highly valuable for advertisers and mobile companies alike. Similar to any ad you’d typically encounter online, these full screen ads can be dismissed by clicking an “x” button or clicked to view in more detail if the user is interested in the particular ad.

It’s important to note that as of now, Unlockd is only partnered with Boost Mobile and customers have to opt into using the Boost Dealz app in order to receive the credit, so there’s no need to start downloading ad-blocking apps. Still, after generating over $12 million in funding from major investors in both the mobile phone and tech industries, Unlockd is looking to bring its unique ad platform to customers on other mobile carriers.

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