Wearable Solar Panels to Charge Mobile Devices

Yesterday at SXSW, Wearable Solar presented solar powered clothing to a packed audience at SXSW. The team of 3 from the Netherlands hopes to use clothing with embedded solar panels to charge mobile devices. A mere two hours in direct sunlight is all it takes to deliver a full charge to a cell phone. Right now, it takes 1.3 square feet of solar fabric to charge a cell phone, but Wearable Solar is currently working on fibers that will gather sunlight and wiring that will be washable (the current fabric is thick enough to stay dry in the rain, but not in the wash).

The idea was born when the founder was frustrated while having to charge his phone at concerts and events- and since the company was already researching electronics integrated into clothing, it was a natural next step. The solar fabric could be woven into any shape – even including functional items like camping gear.

With prices starting at just $350, this fashion is functional and affordable – what do you think?

Source: Wearables Startups Draw a Crowd at SXSW

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